“Yellow and White Trumpet Daffodils” 24” x 18” pastel (detail)


Limited Edition & Unique Fine Art Prints

“float, tumble, drift” is an 8.5” x 11” screenprint on Arches 88

My screenprints, monoprints and monotypes are true original prints made by hand, one impression at a time. The tactile quality of the ink on paper and the printing style, are inseparable parts of the artwork.  

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Pastel Landscape

“Hostas and the Lape House, July” 24” x 18” pastel on sanded paper

Working en plein air, I enjoy emphasizing the rich color and sensuous grace found in the curves, tilt and sway of plants and trees set against hardscape elements of houses, barns  and sheds.


Watercolor Landscape & Figure

“Reservoir” watercolor on paper

Looking closely, staying focused and going with the flow are essential methods for expressing a subject’s mood and capturing a sense of place.